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I'm Not Sure What to Say

As someone who is rarely quiet, I find myself more and more not knowing exactly what to say. Often I search for the right words. The words that will fix everything. The words that will explain. The words that will correct the wrongs I have created or experienced. But there are no magic words for every situation, and sometimes it isn't words that we need at all. In class this month we talked about silence and solitude, and we have been trying to practice these things. I sat down just to try and practice silence before God for 10 minutes, and let me tell you it was HARD. It was hard for me to just be still and be quiet. And as I ponder and process the situation I find myself apart of, I can't help but think God is using this to help me slow down and trust in him. I don't need to talk, I just need to listen. I don't need to explain, comfort, or fix anything. I just need to approach God, be with him, and listen. A friend reminded me of this Psalm during this time, and it h…