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Those Who Plant in the Fall

I have recently come to love everything about plants. I love planting something and watching it magically shoot up and grow into a lovely, full-fledged beauty. I love the joy that it brings me to see healthy, full of life plants in my window sill. But planting isn't always fun. We have all been let down by a plant that we had high hopes for that just dies no matter what we seem to do. We have all over or under watered and killed innocent plants. We have all tasted the disappointment of never seeing a seed sprout. But I thank God everyday that he is the supreme gardener. That "he was the gardener before even Eden was breathing," as my friend Rhett Hayes sings. God has given us the great gift of helping with his garden this month. He has allowed us to go all throughout the campus and plant seeds for this year, but only he can make those seeds grow. I rest in the comfort that he is a much better gardener than I. 
Planting Seeds:We have had so many opportunities to plant seed…