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New Year, Same God

New Year, Same God   I used to think that it was ludicrous that God is the same God today, yesterday, and tomorrow. I used to see that as a weakness. How could a God like that not change and grow over time? But my thinking was confined and ignorant. God does not change, and that is an excellent thing. God is not a human. God does not need to change because he is perfect. He is love, grace, and mercy. This is such good news to me because it means I can trust God. He will be there. He won't change. He will never leave me or forsake me. So I go into this new year knowing that it will be another year that I can trust in God's goodness and grace. And even when I don't choose him, even when I fail at my new year resolutions, there he will be waiting for me to come back to him.

2019 Highlights 2019 was a year full of new life and growth. I started the year out as an elementary school teacher in the special education department, and ended as a campus minister at UTD. I was blesse…