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Renewing the Good News

One day a group of friends heard that Jesus had come to their village to heal. They were overjoyed because their friend had been unable to walk for so long due to being paralyzed. They worked quickly to gather their friend, and carried him all the way to town to just get close enough for Jesus to heal him. But once they got there they realized it would be harder than they had originally thought. Many others had gathered to hear and see Jesus, and the friends could not make it through. So with sweat on their brows, and their muscles growing weaker they stopped to make a new plan. They knew they couldn’t miss this chance. They knew Jesus was the only one who had this authority, and they had to persevere for their friend. So they rearranged and climbed up to the roof with one hand on the wall and the other holding their friend. After so much toil they reached the roof and began digging violently to make an opening large enough for their friend to fit through. They couldn't stop. They…